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What Makes Us Unique

We understand what you’re going through: Our founder and many of our credit counselors have been where you are. We understand the anxiety feeling of helplessness you can have when you have credit issues.

You're not alone: At Credit Mend USA we are very experienced with consumer, business and mortgage credit. We have been on both sides and worked with customers over the past 25 years to improve their credit score to help buy or refinance their home, buy cars or just have more financial security.

For some of our clients we are guides through the involved and sometimes lengthy credit repair process.  For others we help the to establish credit for the first time. No matter the credit goal we work to make sure that our clients understand how credit works, what it takes to get good credit and how to keep it.

Our goal is to make the idea of credit reporting, credit repair and credit in general less complicated.


​Customer stories

David Jackson- Mechanic

Using Credit Mend USA is hands down one of the best decisions I have ever made regarding my credit. Tony was my specialist and he started right away on my file, working on an erroneous collection account. He was so diligent and persistent that my file was not only corrected but my credit score increased 100 points!!! The rewards you receive are definitely worth the price you pay for the service. Highly recommend!

Sarah Kline - Nurse

From start to finish Rena was there for me. Explained the process and walked me step by step throughout the process. Never thought anyone would care as much as she did. Finally graduating the program and closing on the house of my dreams in 2 weeks!!!!! Great experience and happy to say that I will tell everyone I know about her and Credit Mend USA.  A-1 in my book.

Lewis Folk - Cable Installer

I started the program very skeptical of what the out come would be, Julie was very upfront and had great communication. 3 months into the program he has gotten multiple items removed and now my credit score is rising and my wife and I are looking to buy our first home. I highly recommend Julie to any future clients. Additionally, I am not associated with Credit Mend USA, I am an actual client.Thank you again Julie

Our Journey

Dean Bashton, owner and founder of Credit Mend USA, ran a successful mortgage firm in New Mexico for almost 20 years. Most of his clients were working and middle-class individual who were first time home owners trying to refinance for a better rate, purchasing their first home, or upsizing to a larger home for their growing families. With a team of 25 people Dean helped thousands of individuals purchase and refinance homes. As part of his mortgage services, Dean offered credit counseling to his customers to help them reach their goals of a lower interest rate and monthly payments, to paying off debt and increasing their family’s liquid assets and financial standing.

Helping other has always been a passion for Dean, who came from humble beginnings and wanted to provide a better life for his family. Unfortunately, Dean’s business went under with the mortgage bust of 2008 and so did his credit score. Though he had always practiced what he preached, he got to experience first had the difficulties his clients faced when his income disappeared overnight and he found himself filing for bankruptcy. While for many it can be a long climb out of bankruptcy and back to the good credit, Dean was able to use his knowledge of how credit “really” works to improve his credit almost immediately. He used his skill to help improve his credit lightning fast.

Within 3 months of filing for bankruptcy he was able to purchase a new car at 7% interest rate, within 8 moths he was able o refinance his car for only 3%. Within 18 months Deans score had risen from a measly 480 to over 750.

Seeing his quick credit and lifestyle improvements, friends and relative that experienced similar financial problems turned to Dean to help them improve their credit score. They told friend, who told other friends and before Dean knew it he was in the credit repair business.

Happy to be back in a business that allowed him to help others, Dean decided to embrace this new business and started Credit Mend USA.

Credit Mend USA is the culmination of year of experience with credit, accounting, finance and mortgages.

Credit Mend USA now employs a team of individual who are dedicated to helping people just like our Founder Dean, improve not only their credit but their life.

Any honest person will tell you, that credit repair firms cannot do anything that you couldn't do yourself, but we can help you to achieve results in a fraction of the time without making costly errors. So, join today and see how working with Credit Mend USA can help change your life.

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